Month: March 2018

Grange des Pères rouge

The vineyard of Grange des Pères is in an unlikely place. Close to the village of Aniane the plot of land was limestone with some clay underneath at 300 meter height. It needs dynamite and bulldozing to make the poor soil ready for vines. Laurent Vaillé cultivated this land in 1989 and placed Cabernet Sauvignon…

By Martijn Kriens 8th March 2018 0

Guímaro: Finca Capeliños

Before 1991 the family of Pedro Rodriguez did make wine but mainly used for local use. Around that time more effort was placed in the creation and professionalisation of the Ribeira Sacra D.O. The Ribeira Sacra is a region in the northern part of Spain where wine culture goes back to the monks of the…

By Martijn Kriens 7th March 2018 0