Guímaro: Finca Capeliños

7th March 2018 0 By Martijn Kriens

Before 1991 the family of Pedro Rodriguez did make wine but mainly used for local use. Around that time more effort was placed in the creation and professionalisation of the Ribeira Sacra D.O. The Ribeira Sacra is a region in the northern part of Spain where wine culture goes back to the monks of the 12th century. The landscape looks a bit like the Mosel with high and steep (72 degrees) hills with a meandering river below (the Sil). Many of the vines here are easily a 100 years old.

Adegas Guímaro (“rebel”) is the name of the company producing several wines in this region. The reds are dominantly made of the Mencia grape with a maximum of 15% others (probably Gernacha?). Total production is a little over 5000 cases but 4000 of these are the more simple Tinto.

The Capeliños is one of his two top line wines, the other being the Pombeiras of which only 100 cases are made a year. The first thing you notice in the wine is a distinct animalistic base flavour (because of the natural yeast I guess) but coupled with an explosion of fresh red fruits and some elegant spices. To me this wine is always the perfect marriage between the elegance of a Burgundy Pinot Noir and the robust structure of a Cote Rôtie Syrah. On the palate it is very fruit driven but made more interesting by the raw edge to the wine. It is a wine that is hard to stop drinking. The aftertaste lingers long with an increasing spicy taste but always accompanies with a fresh, almost mineral base. RATING: 92

REGION: Galicia, Ribeira Sacra, Amandi. A region not unlike the Mosel with it’s steep hills and soil of slate. Hot summers and wet winters (700mm around the Sil river). This area is also more contental than other Ribeira Sacra areas.

VINEYARD: Organic farming, most work by hand due to the steep hills. 0,6 Ha vineyard. 3oo to 500 meters high

GRAPES: Mencia

CELLAR: whole cluster including stems, wild yeast, long fermentation, 13 months in barriques, minimal sulphur. 160 cases produced.